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What is STRAD?

STRAD - short for STRategic ADviser - is a unique software package which offers you fast, flexible support whenever you face a tangle of tough decisions.

STRAD helps you make progress with more confidence even when you are surrounded by daunting uncertainties and fast-moving events.

This makes STRAD a practical and highly versatile tool for managers in business and the public sector; for planners and co-ordinators; and for consultants and policy support staff.

You can use STRAD either on your own or as a means of exploring issues and reaching agreements with colleagues, associates or clients.

What does STRAD do?

The STRAD software enables you, and those with whom you work:

What are its benefits?

STRAD has demonstrated that it can bring several kinds of benefits to users:

What does STRAD cost?

The fee for a single user licence of the latest release of STRAD, STRAD 2.3, is 300.00 GB Pounds, or 450.00 US Dollars, or 375.00 Euros. It is supplied on compact disk with a set of demonstration project files; with help and tutorial files; and with a comprehensive user's manual in .pdf format which can be printed either in colour or monochrome. These prices will be held until 30 June 2011.

This pricing means that the value for money of STRAD 2.3 compares very favourably with that of other general-purpose planning and decision support tools. Please also note that: